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Announcing a new Somatic Experiencing® in Montreal

Excellence in Trauma Resolution

Somatic Experiencing is now part of the continuing education program

of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.    *THIS TRAINING IS NOW FULLY BOOKED*

The Foundation for Human Enrichment was established in 1997 by Dr. Peter Levine to provide individuals, families, and communities with effective tools for healing overwhelming traumatic experiences.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) offers a new and hopeful vision of trauma. A short-term, naturalistic approach to the resolution and healing of trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine, SE is based upon the observation that wild prey animals, though threatened routinely, are rarely traumatized. The most primitive portions of the brain are activated when a person perceives threat. At the same time, certain higher areas in the cortex associated with language, observation and planning are shut down. Animals in the wild utilize innate mechanisms to regulate and discharge the high levels of energy arousal associated with survival behaviours. “Modeling” the animals’ built-in “immunity” to trauma enables people to return to equilibrium in the aftermath of fear, rage, helplessness, loss and other extreme experiences.

Although humans are born with virtually the same regulatory mechanisms as animals, the function of these innate systems is often overridden or inhibited. Our reluctance to surrender to the instinctual prevents the complete discharge of survival energies. The un-discharged energy remains “stuck” in the body and the nervous system. In bringing together the highest cerebral functions of refined awareness with the primitive animal instincts, we are able to develop our own natural ability to rebound after extreme events. Transforming trauma in this way allows us to become more fully human.

SE training is open to individuals in the Helping and Healing Professions which include, but are not limited to: Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Body Workers, Body Workers, Social workers and other related professionals.

Certifiction requirements for Somatic Experiencing®

  Training Level          Seminar Hours        Personal SE Sessions        Individual or Group Case Consult.

  Beginner                     72 credit hours                4 hours                                        4 hours

  Intermediate              72 credit hours                4 hours                                        6 hours

  Advanced                      72 credit hours                4 hours                                        8 hours

  Total (3 years)         216 credit hours

Each Beginner and Intermediate level is four days in length.

Beginner’s level

• Understand the physiological basis of trauma.

• Learn about containment, resourcing and empowerment.

• Study tracking skills, titration and establishing continuity through the felt sense.

• Practice establishing defensive orienting responses, completion and discharge.

• Explore coupling dynamics, the elements of internal experience (SIBAM), and integrating experiential polarities, in order to restore creative self-regulation.

• Be able to identify, normalize, and stabilize traumatic reactions.

• Attain skills to avoid pitfalls of re-traumatization and false memory.

• Learn to uncouple fear from immobility; re-establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

• Investigate the transformative qualities of trauma.

• Integrate trauma work into ongoing therapy.

• Acquire short-term solutions to acute and chronic symptoms.

Intermediate level

Examine the different categories and causes of traumatic shock and approaches to treating each case including:

• Global High Intensity Trauma i.e. surgery, electrocution, hallucinogens, drowning, suffocation, strangulation, fetal distress, traumatic birth, intrauterine stress, and invasive medical procedures in utero.

• Inescapable Attack i.e. by wild animals, rape, war, bombings, physical abuse, mugging, incest, molestation.

• Physical Injury i.e. surgery, anesthesia, burns, poisoning, hospitalizations, stabbing, gunshot wounds.

• Failure of Physical Defense i.e. falls, high impact accidents, head injury.

• Emotional Trauma i.e. severe neglect and abandonment, severe loss, ongoing abuse.

• Natural Disasters i.e. earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, floods, social dislocation from the natural world and community.

• Horror i.e. seeing an accident (especially with blood, gore), watching someone else be abused, raped, killed or tortured, killing or hurting someone yourself.

• Torture and Ritual Abuse i.e. war torture, repeated rape in war, concentration camp, and systematic abuse (sometimes with the person drugged).

The Advanced Level is of two six day modules.

Advanced level

• Learn about the relationship of trauma to various clinical syndromes.

• Further integrate SE theory and practice into the specialty area of the therapist.

• SE bodywork in working with the different categories of trauma.

  1. Application of research in the psychophysiology of trauma.


Beginner Two:

If payment is made before May 10 : $825 + taxes= $948, after this date 875+taxes= $1006

Other Beginner and Intermediate Modules:

Same as above if paid one month before the module begins

The Advanced six day modules will take place elsewhere in Canada or the US.

Personal and individual case consultation sessions: cost to be announced.

Venue is at: Centre Saint Pierre 1212 Panet street, Montreal H2I 2Y7 ( Beaudry metro station)

For information : Claire Khudai Dagenais. SEP, Montreal training coordinator 514-850-0903


The Trainer : Berns Galloway BSc, BEd, MEd, CCC has been working clinically with individuals and groups for over 15 years. He has extensive experience training volunteer counselors and supervising graduate students. Incorporating SE into his life has offered Berns the opportunity to more fully experience mind-body practices and non-dual psychotherapeutic perspectives, enriching his life and those who work with him. Berns has facilitated SE Trainings in Canada, United States,  Australia and Asia.

  Training Level          Seminar Hours        Personal SE Sessions        Individual or Group Case Consult.
  Beginner                    72 credit hours                4 hours                                        4 hours
  Intermediate              72 credit hours                4 hours                                        6 hours
  Advanced                  72 credit hours                4 hours                                        8 hours

  Total (3 years)          216 credit hours

New Training SE in 2018

Beginner One:

March 23-26, 2018 

Beginner Two:

June 8-11, 2018 

Beginner Three:

November 9-12, 2018 

Intermediate One:

February 8-11, 2019

Intermediate Two:

June 7-10, 2019

Intermediate Three:

September 13-16, 2019

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